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On the storages of intense delivery or goods acceptance, it is required to have storage management based on address. Knowing at which hallway and blocks, taking care of hiding areas according to the planned places, applying pallet based movement, requires software system special to these processes.  Besides using the storage ares in the best way, another objective of storage management is the most effective use of other sources like storage elements, hand terminals, conveying equipments. If storage management systems have more  substructure, it becomess more productive. This productiveness adds to all storage processes and to the company:

  • Decreasing the product damage,
    Acceptance – Increasing the effectiveness of production and sales processes due to shortening of delivery periods,
  • Efficient and effective of storage equipments,
  • Saving costs of workers and equipments,
  • Simplification of inventory and control processes, improvement of these processes,
  • Intervening the errors of production on time and to increase the customer satisfaction.




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